This was the scuffle between Gavi and Vinicius

The first leg of the cup semifinals between Real Madrid and Barcelona (0-1) will not be remembered for its good play, quite the contrary. The controversy intensified with the passing of the minutes and he would leave us several images that will remain for the memory of the Classics.

One of the actions that stood out the most in the meeting was when Gavi, caught before the cameras of Let’s go in Movistar +had a not very friendly conversation with Vinicius: the Sevillian footballer, with his hand placed over his mouth to prevent his lips from being read, approaches the Real Madrid player to say something in his ear and ended with a ‘‘Son of a b*** ”.

Another controversial move in the match was Vinicius’s ‘judo key’ on Frankie De Jong. This action would be sanctioned with a yellow card against the ’20’ Madrid player. Right after, Vini bravely protests at Munuera Montero, pointing his finger at her and yelling in her face: ”If he is needed first. Always the same. You. Always the same”.

These two actions were part of the numerous controversial actions that we were able to observe throughout a very close Clásico: the different scuffles between the two squads, the confrontation of Xavi and Carvajal at the end of the match, the numerous infringements on the field of play or the little effectiveness of Real Madrid (he did not shoot on goal in the 90 minutes), they were collateral damage from a tie that It will be resolved on Holy Wednesday (April 5, 10:00 p.m.) at the Spotify Camp Nou.

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